Escape The Mind - Volume Two

Brooks & Day's Spanish-Rock infused "Mystic Message" is on "Escape The Mind - Volume Two" 12-song CD produced by Bongo Boy Records.

The initial tracks for "Mystic Message," which features Ben Brooks on flute and Peter Day on classical guitar, were composed as the song was recorded. Brooks & Day have embraced this organic songwriting approach as way to respect and follow the muse.

Jazz pianist extraordinaire Rob Mullins mixed and mastered "Mystic Message." Mullins is currently adding additional instrumentation, mixing, and mastering several other Brooks & Day songs. Greg Scelsa, a children's music performer with Greg & Steve and R&B songwriter, is serving as adviser to the New Age duo.

The songs on "Escape The Mind - Volume Two":

1. Tranquilo - Steel

2. Aquarium Screensaver - Mike Surrati

3. Belonging - Kobi Arad

4. Love Song - Yona Pax

5. Distorted Time Feat. Emilia Lopez - Yañez, Tawangher, Weber

6. Share The Moment - Deborah Henriksson

7. Praise - Erin Jacobsen

8. Earthtones - Max Highstein

9. Northern Lights - Triskelion

10. John's Lament - Straight Into Heaven - Shea Walsh

11. Mystic Message - Brooks & Day

12. Starseed - Claudio Casanueva

 Bongo Boy Records has released "Escape The Mind," which features Brooks & Day's "Mystic Message" and 11 other New Age songs.

Bongo Boy Records has released "Escape The Mind," which features Brooks & Day's "Mystic Message" and 11 other New Age songs.

Sounds From The Circle X - 2018

Sounds From The Circle X - 2018, which features Ben and Peter’s song “Mystic Message” and 39 other New Age songs, is now out on a Spotify playlist. Click HERE to access the playlist link. Peruse other songs and artists personally selected by noted New Age empresario Suzanne Ducet. The artists also received an MP3 CD of the music.



'Mystic Message' Featured On 'Sounds From the Circle'

"Mystic Message" by the New Age duo Brooks & Day has been selected to appear on the 10th annual "Sounds From The Circle" compilation album produced by New Age legend Suzanne Doucet. Regarded as one of the most important artists and impresarios in the genre, Doucet runs Only New Age Music.

"Sounds From The Circle" serves as a music sampler from the New Age Music Circle, an online community of nearly 2,000 artists. The album is available and as an SFTC playlist on Spotify and its presence shared on Youtube and other social media platforms.

Brooks & Day's first single, "Mystic Message," also recently secured a spot on Bongo Boy Records' "Escape The Mind, Vol. 2" compilation album. Greg Scelsa is manager of Brooks & Day. To learn more about Suzanne Doucet, click HERE.



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Peter Day
Rob Mullins Hired to Mix 'Mystic Message'

Jazz pianist Rob Mullins has agreed to mix and master Brooks & Day's first single, "Mystic Message." The musical renaissance man also will add a few keyboard/synth tracks as needed to fill out song's production. Orchestration on "Mystic Message" was composed and performed by Ben Brooks after the flute/guitar/keyboard duo recorded their initial spontaneously created New Age song. Peter Day played classical guitar and keyboard bass on the song.

Rob Mullins is a prolific recording artist, producer and book author who has released more than 30 albums. He recently produced New Age pianist Janice Lacy's debut, "Sanctuary For The Soul." To learn more about Rob Mullins, click HERE.


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Jazz pianist Rob Mullins agrees to mix "Mystic Message" for Brooks & Day.

Peter Day
'Mystic Message' to Appear On Compilation

The soon-to-be-released single "Mystic Message" is scheduled to appear on "Escape The Mind, Vol. 2." The compilation CD produced by New Jersey-based Bongo Boys Records will feature a diverse collection of New Age music and recording acts including Shea Welsh, Max Highstein and Claudio Casanueva. The album is scheduled for release later this month.

Brooks & Day's song will hit the radio airwaves in Asia and include Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia and Mainland China. Additionally, music from the CD will be promoted in the United States and other parts of the world.

The duo's manager Greg Scelsa helped to secure the song's position on "Escape the Mind, Vol. 2" album. "Mystic Message" is expected to get on New Age radio soon. To learn more about Bongo Boys Records, click HERE.

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Peter Day
Brooks & Day Team Up With Greg Scelsa

The New Age flute/guitar duo Brooks & Day have teamed up with Greg Scelsa of  Greg & Steve, one of the most successful and enduring children's music acts in the industry. Greg & Steve has sold more than 4 million albums since the 1970s and performed in hundreds of venues across the country including Carnegie Hall.

Scelsa is providing management services for Brooks & Day as they launch their first global release, the single "Mystic Message." To learn more about Greg & Steve, click HERE.



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