Brooks & Day Soar To #13 On ZMR Chart

Brooks & Day’s new age debut album “Mystic Messages” hit No. 13 on the Zone Music Reporter’s Top 100 Radio Airplay Chart. The album entered the chart at No. 35 in May and climbed 22 spots over the next month. The ZMR chart for July comes out soon.

Radio stations around the globe recently played Brooks & Day songs. Here is a sampling of the stations and shows:

The twice-a-week new age music radio show “Mystic Sister,” which is broadcast on several stations in the Northeast, had “Mystic Messages” at No. 8 on their chart. The internationally syndicated Celestial Reasonings have been airing selections from the album. Global Groove, based in Grand Junction, Colorado, has played the ethereal jazz number “Esquisse.” Planetary Prismatic Psonics show played Brooks & Day’s classical music-inspired “No Regrets.”

“Sacred City,” “Secrets of the Lotus,” “Mystic Message,” and “A Song For My Father,” which was composed in honor of flutist Ben Brook’s late father, all received radio airplay. “Hopeland” “Forgiveness” were also played by several stations.

Writer Elizabeth Hazel started her review of “Mystic Messages” with “This CD had me at hello!” on Facing North, a webzine that describes itself as having “one of the largest collections of reviews of neopagan/Spiritual/New Age oriented books, music, and other items” on the internet.

Here is a link to the review.

To purchase the MP3 version of Brooks & Day’s “Mystic Messages” album visit

To purchase a CD of “Mystic Messages” visit their CD Baby store.

Radio Play - July 19, 2019

WMSE in Milwaukee played “Secrets of the Lotus” on June 22 for one of its “Instrumental Saturdays.” WESS in Pennsylvania has played several Brooks & Day songs on its “Alternating Currents” show. The Spanish radio show “Musicas Imaginadas” on Radio Villalba played “A Song for My Father” and “Forgiveness” on June 17.

The “Wings” show on WFCF played “Secrets of the Lotus” on June 30. HFM in England played “Mystic Message” and “Secrets of the Lotus” on June 15 and June 16. One World Music Radio has been playing Brooks & Day music.

KUAC has played the Mystic Messages album high on their May chart. KRSC played “Secrets of the Lotus” on their June 22 program.

Brooks & Day Radio Play - June 14, 2019

WKNH from Keene State College in Keene, New Hampshire, played “Sacred City”. WWSP-FM (89.9 FM) from University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point, played “Secrets of the Lotus.” HFM Radio (102.3 FM and webcast) in England has indicated they may start playing songs Brooks & Day’s “Mystic Messages” album.

“Hopeland” was played on WVUD (91.3 FM and webcast). WERU (89.9 FM in Blue Hill and 102.9 FM in Bangor) aired the entire “Mystic Messages” CD in early June.

WRPI (91.5 FM) from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, is playing songs from Brooks & Day’s debut album. WFCF played “Soaring.” WWUH played “Mystic Message” on June 9.

Brooks & Day Radio Play - June 7, 2019

Here are some radio stations (internet and terrestrial) that played Brooks & Day music this past week:

The Aural Awakenings podcast played “Sacred City” on Show #31 on May 28. One World Music Radio station played several Brooks & Day songs on June 4. WFCF (88.5 FM) from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida, played some cuts from the “Mystic Messages” album.

University of Hartford in Connecticut’s WWUH (91.3 FM) played “No Regrets,” “Soaring,” “Esquisse,” “Hopeland,” “Forgiveness” and “A Song For My Father.”

StillStream have indicated they will be playing songs from “Mystic Messages.” Radio Despi in Barcelona on 107.1 FM, is starting to play some Mystic Messages tunes.

‘Soaring’ Video by Brooks & Day Gaining Fans on Facebook

A video of Brooks & Day’s New Age song “Soaring” currently has more than 35,000 views on Facebook after a short time on that social media platform. The song video was produced by Indie-pop musician BRAD PETERSON whose “What The Open Heart Allows” and other songs have gained fans worldwide.

Called “beautiful,” “relaxing” and possessing “positive energy” by commenters, “Soaring” was composed while Brooks & Day recorded the initial tracks. Later, the duo and other musicians added instrumentation to complete the aural picture. “Soaring” features Ben Brooks on flute, Peter Day on guitars, ROB MULLINS on keyboards and RICH MANGICARO on percussion. Mullins also co-produced the song with Brooks & Day and mixed the duo’s “Mystic Messages” debut album.

Brooks & Day plan on releasing other song videos from “Mystic Messages soon. To purchase a CD or digital album of Brooks & Day’s debut album, visit Brooks & Day songs also can be found on Spotify.

Brooks & Day CD Manufactured at TSI Digital Media

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. — TSI Digital Media in Santa Clarita, California, recently delivered Brooks & Day’s debut New Age album, “Mystic Messages.” The CD is available for purchase at CD Baby while the MP3 digital download is available at CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes and other digital online services.

“Mystic Messages” is a nine-song collection of instrumentals featuring Ben Brooks on flute and Peter Day on guitar and keyboard. After the songs were birthed during impromptu recorded jam sessions at Brooks’ Rock Room Studio in Pasadena, Brooks & Day began adding orchestration and other instruments. Noted percussionist Rich Mangicaro (the Eagles, Joe Walsh, David Crosby) added percussion tracks. Jazz pianist/producer Rob Mullins (34 solo albums to his credit) then took the project to the next level by adding his signature piano, synth and additional orchestration. He also mixed the tracks. Music industry veteran Greg Scelsa (Greg & Steve, “I’d Still Say Yes,” written with Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds) has served as an invaluable mentor to Brooks & Day. Rich Mouser (Spock’s Beard, Neal Morse) mastered “Mystic Messages.”

The album’s first single, “Mystic Message,” was featured on “Escape The Mind, Vol. Two” (Bongo Boy Records) and New Age pioneer Suzanne Doucet’s recent compilation, “Sounds From The Circle.”

The “Mystic Messages” CD can be ordered online at For more information on TSI Digital Media, visit Brooks & Day’s website is

Brooks-&-Day-CD copy.jpg

Brooks & Day CD Almost Ready!

The long-awaited release for Brooks & Day’s album is almost here. The album CD is currently at the Los Angeles-area manufacturing facility. The duo should have copies before the end of March. The album features a collection of inspiring soundscapes, most of which were created on the spot in Ben’s Rock Room Studio, nestled in the foothills of Pasadena. Besides the musical journeys of Ben and Peter, the new album features added instrumentation, production, mastering and mixing by jazz pianist extraordinaire Rob Mullins, percussion by Rich Mangicaro (the Eagles, Glen Frey) and additional mastering by Rich Mouser (mixing engineer for projects by Neal Morse, Spock’s Beard and Oleander). Recording industry veteran Greg Scelsa has partnered with Brooks & Day to assist with the business side of the project. His contributions have been invaluable. Brooks & Day are also thankful for kind words and encouragement from Suzanne Doucet.

Are You Ready.jpg

Escape The Mind - Volume Two

Brooks & Day's Spanish-Rock infused "Mystic Message" is on "Escape The Mind - Volume Two" 12-song CD produced by Bongo Boy Records.

The initial tracks for "Mystic Message," which features Ben Brooks on flute and Peter Day on classical guitar, were composed as the song was recorded. Brooks & Day have embraced this organic songwriting approach as way to respect and follow the muse.

Jazz pianist extraordinaire Rob Mullins mixed and mastered "Mystic Message." Mullins is currently adding additional instrumentation, mixing, and mastering several other Brooks & Day songs. Greg Scelsa, a children's music performer with Greg & Steve and R&B songwriter, is serving as adviser to the New Age duo.

The songs on "Escape The Mind - Volume Two":

1. Tranquilo - Steel

2. Aquarium Screensaver - Mike Surrati

3. Belonging - Kobi Arad

4. Love Song - Yona Pax

5. Distorted Time Feat. Emilia Lopez - Yañez, Tawangher, Weber

6. Share The Moment - Deborah Henriksson

7. Praise - Erin Jacobsen

8. Earthtones - Max Highstein

9. Northern Lights - Triskelion

10. John's Lament - Straight Into Heaven - Shea Walsh

11. Mystic Message - Brooks & Day

12. Starseed - Claudio Casanueva

Bongo Boy Records has released "Escape The Mind," which features Brooks & Day's "Mystic Message" and 11 other New Age songs.

Bongo Boy Records has released "Escape The Mind," which features Brooks & Day's "Mystic Message" and 11 other New Age songs.


'Mystic Message' Featured On 'Sounds From the Circle'

"Mystic Message" by the New Age duo Brooks & Day has been selected to appear on the 10th annual "Sounds From The Circle" compilation album produced by New Age legend Suzanne Doucet. Regarded as one of the most important artists and impresarios in the genre, Doucet runs Only New Age Music.

"Sounds From The Circle" serves as a music sampler from the New Age Music Circle, an online community of nearly 2,000 artists. The album is available and as an SFTC playlist on Spotify and its presence shared on Youtube and other social media platforms.

Brooks & Day's first single, "Mystic Message," also recently secured a spot on Bongo Boy Records' "Escape The Mind, Vol. 2" compilation album. Greg Scelsa is manager of Brooks & Day. To learn more about Suzanne Doucet, click HERE.



Suzanne Doucet.jpg

Rob Mullins Hired to Mix 'Mystic Message'

Jazz pianist Rob Mullins has agreed to mix and master Brooks & Day's first single, "Mystic Message." The musical renaissance man also will add a few keyboard/synth tracks as needed to fill out song's production. Orchestration on "Mystic Message" was composed and performed by Ben Brooks after the flute/guitar/keyboard duo recorded their initial spontaneously created New Age song. Peter Day played classical guitar and keyboard bass on the song.

Rob Mullins is a prolific recording artist, producer and book author who has released more than 30 albums. He recently produced New Age pianist Janice Lacy's debut, "Sanctuary For The Soul." To learn more about Rob Mullins, click HERE.


Rob Mullins Piano.jpg

Jazz pianist Rob Mullins agrees to mix "Mystic Message" for Brooks & Day.

'Mystic Message' to Appear On Compilation

The soon-to-be-released single "Mystic Message" is scheduled to appear on "Escape The Mind, Vol. 2." The compilation CD produced by New Jersey-based Bongo Boys Records will feature a diverse collection of New Age music and recording acts including Shea Welsh, Max Highstein and Claudio Casanueva. The album is scheduled for release later this month.

Brooks & Day's song will hit the radio airwaves in Asia and include Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia and Mainland China. Additionally, music from the CD will be promoted in the United States and other parts of the world.

The duo's manager Greg Scelsa helped to secure the song's position on "Escape the Mind, Vol. 2" album. "Mystic Message" is expected to get on New Age radio soon. To learn more about Bongo Boys Records, click HERE.

bongo boys records.jpg

Brooks & Day Team Up With Greg Scelsa

The New Age flute/guitar duo Brooks & Day have teamed up with Greg Scelsa of  Greg & Steve, one of the most successful and enduring children's music acts in the industry. Greg & Steve has sold more than 4 million albums since the 1970s and performed in hundreds of venues across the country including Carnegie Hall.

Scelsa is providing management services for Brooks & Day as they launch their first global release, the single "Mystic Message." To learn more about Greg & Steve, click HERE.