‘Soaring’ Video by Brooks & Day Gaining Fans on Facebook

A video of Brooks & Day’s New Age song “Soaring” currently has more than 35,000 views on Facebook after a short time on that social media platform. The song video was produced by Indie-pop musician BRAD PETERSON whose “What The Open Heart Allows” and other songs have gained fans worldwide.

Called “beautiful,” “relaxing” and possessing “positive energy” by commenters, “Soaring” was composed while Brooks & Day recorded the initial tracks. Later, the duo and other musicians added instrumentation to complete the aural picture. “Soaring” features Ben Brooks on flute, Peter Day on guitars, ROB MULLINS on keyboards and RICH MANGICARO on percussion. Mullins also co-produced the song with Brooks & Day and mixed the duo’s “Mystic Messages” debut album.

Brooks & Day plan on releasing other song videos from “Mystic Messages soon. To purchase a CD or digital album of Brooks & Day’s debut album, visit https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/brooksday. Brooks & Day songs also can be found on Spotify.