Rob Mullins Hired to Mix 'Mystic Message'

Jazz pianist Rob Mullins has agreed to mix and master Brooks & Day's first single, "Mystic Message." The musical renaissance man also will add a few keyboard/synth tracks as needed to fill out song's production. Orchestration on "Mystic Message" was composed and performed by Ben Brooks after the flute/guitar/keyboard duo recorded their initial spontaneously created New Age song. Peter Day played classical guitar and keyboard bass on the song.

Rob Mullins is a prolific recording artist, producer and book author who has released more than 30 albums. He recently produced New Age pianist Janice Lacy's debut, "Sanctuary For The Soul." To learn more about Rob Mullins, click HERE.


Rob Mullins Piano.jpg

Jazz pianist Rob Mullins agrees to mix "Mystic Message" for Brooks & Day.